« The most complex part of communicating is neither the message nor the technology but the receiver. »
(Dominique Wolton)

We talk to the people who matter most to you. Through print, audiovisual, web media and social networks, we promote your  image, your messages and news. By touching the media corresponding to your targets, we hit the mark with the right arguments and illustrations.

The main stages of our work are:

  • Building a media relations strategy around your core values, key messages and targets.
  • Planning and executing a media relations campaign.
  • Creating and distributing communication material (including press kits and press releases, Q&As, etc.).
  • Preparing and arranging meetings with media representatives (interviews, press briefings, events).
  • Presenting and analyzing results during the assignment with qualitative and quantitative progress assessment.

We monitor our actions, adapting constantly our work to reach our set goals, from writing key messages to analyzing media coverage.Matrice Volutes 2D2C_Volute 04 Small

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